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IT Solutions

Custom IT Solutions we provide include some of the following;

Internet Gateway

Q. Tired of one user hogging internet bandwidth? Tired of your Emails sitting in the Outbox waiting to be sent?

A. We have just the solution, Our custom Internet Gateway can prevent users from hogging your internet bandwidth. We have applications/tools such as Bandwidth Managers, Quality of Service and much more to allow equal distribution of traffic between all users. We are able to reserve & restrict bandwidth to services that require it the most to the least. Having an Internet Gateway also increases your network security from intruders trying to reach your servers and users.


Internet Filtering

Q. Are users abusing their internet freedom? Are users on Facebook the entire day?

A. Making use of our Internet Gateway can prevent users from browsing specific sites, we are able to block content and even applications such as Skype or Torrents, and then there is the ability to report on what users are browsing and even how much Bandwidth / Data their computers are using, Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports are available per user. We are also able to block all websites and only allow specific Web Site traffic through as well as time of day restrictions. Our solution could even allow that internet to users is available for any website through lunch time.


Internet Bonding / Traffic Routing / MPLS / Fail-over Internet

Q. Are you fed up of your internet service provider being down continuously? Tired of having to switch to a different source of internet manually?

A. We have the perfect solution, by making use of out Internet Gateway and other Hardware we are able to take multiple internet connections from various service providers such as ADSL \ Fibre \ LTE \ VDSL \ Micro-Wave and many other and Bond them ensuring your office has the speed it needs or fail-over offering you an affordable MPLS solution. We are also able to route specific traffic through specific internet connection.


Q. Why should you make use of a VPN?

A. In short a VPN (Virtual Private Network) secures your Servers / Computer’s internet connection to guarantee that all of the data you’re sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from prying eyes. Not having a VPN allows your servers to be vulnerable to the public and intruders are able to access using hacking tools. We have various VPN options to choose from so that you can focus on your core business knowing that you servers are safe guarded from these intruders whether your servers are Cloud based or Locally based on your premises.


Email Archiving

Q. Why should you archive your email? Are there benefits of archiving email?

A. There are 2 main reasons why we motivate users to archive email;
1. Storage Management – With data growth constantly increasing, and the majority of stored data never being accessed again, a lot of data builds up in primary storage. Moving this data to secondary storage reduces the overall storage cost, reduces Backup time and cost, reduces Restore/Recovery time and cost, and provides sufficient capacity in the event of unexpected data blooms.
2. Application Performance – Removing redundant data from the primary application makes both the application faster and the application user more efficient, as there is less ‘application clutter’ to deal with. Archived data can still be accessed or restored if required, and without IT intervention

At Blue Web Technologies we assist our client in properly archiving mail – We have several archiving solutions keeping our clients budgets and performance in mind.

Linux Support

Q. Are you able to move away from Microsoft? What are the Pro’s and Con’s?linux-os2

A. Moving away from Microsoft is achievable. We specialise in making it possible to migrate completely onto a Linux distribution. The advantage of moving away from Microsoft is that that are no hefty license fees for every user in your organisation, the disadvantage is learning something new as well as the challenges that lay ahead of you. It would be exactly the same as a user being used to the Windows operating system and then purchasing an Apple Mac for productivity.

We also specialise in Linux based servers which can do the same and much more than a Windows Server. To find out more and how to convert to Linux please contact us for more information.

MMS / SMS / WEB – Invoices / Statements

Q. I have invoices / statements that i wish to send my clients along with or without an Email. Can Blue Web Technologies help us?

A. Similarly the same way you receive your municipal account on your phone as an MMS, we are able to  provide this very same service – We offer 3 different versions of sending your invoices / statements to your clients
1. MMS – Your client will receive their invoice / statement as an MMS on their mobile device.
2. SMS – Your client will receive their invoice / statement as an SMS on their mobile device. (eg. Invoice #, Short Message, Invoice/Statement Value)
3. WEB – Your client will receive their invoice / statement as an SMS Link on their mobile device. Clicking the Link will open up the Invoice / Statement on their mobile device browser.



Q. Why virtualise?

A. In the physical world, data centers typically moved to a “one app/one server” model in order to isolate applications. But this caused physical server sprawl, increased costs, and underutilized servers. Server virtualization provides application isolation and removes application compatibility issues by consolidating many of these virtual machines across far fewer physical servers. This also cuts down on server waste by more fully utilizing the physical server resources and by provisioning virtual machines with the exact amount of CPU, memory, and storage resources that it needs and in turn allows for the saving of power consumption and footprint size. Using virtualisation technology can also extend the life of old legacy applications.


GPS – Staff Vehicle Tracking

Q. Are you looking for an affordable way to track your staff?

A. Our affordable solution allows you to track your vehicle from your finger tips or from any web browser such as your desktop. Vehicle or staff can be tracked via our GPS units or from a smart device. You can even track your activity such as your cycling or running. Very low monthly costs. Start tracking your staff today.