We supply and install CCTV equipment for your piece of mind and security.

We specialise mostly in remote viewing facilities such as the ability to view CCTV cameras offsite on your preferred web browser or installed computer software and even your mobile device. Our expert technicians are able to setup your device in a matter of minutes and you are ready to view your cameras.
Some of the key features we look at after installing a CCTV system is setting zones to only record when these zones are triggered by motion or perhaps to send an SMS or Email notification when motion is detected between certain times.
With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, we have grown to have an array of professional services such as IT Support, Xchange, Hosting, Cloud backup PBX systems.
1054 Rover Road, 
Constantia Park, Pretoria, 0181
+27 12 111 9140
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