IT Support 
We are an IT Outsourcing Provider supplying small and medium-sized businesses with networking solutions and IT computer support.

Our flagship ‘Virtual IT Department’ service provides your business with the full functionality of a dedicated in-house IT team at a fraction of the cost and with none of the hassle. Our depth of knowledge and rich experience within all aspects of IT allow us to provide you with the IT support your business deserves.

Whatever desktop and server technical support requirements you may be having issues with, we have you covered. Our highly trained staff are able to diagnose and repair computer-related issues covering you in all aspects of hardware and software.
Email Support 
Telephonic Support
Remote Support
On-Site Support
3rd Party Software
Server & Reporting
Issues logged through our ticketing system to ensure you get the help you need quickly and efficiently.
Issues that can be answered over the phone, Whether it be advice or quick support question.
Following Email / Telephonic support it maybe required to rather login to diagnose a problem. 90% of our Help-desk issues are diagnosed remotely, saving you unnecessary call outs.
When issues cannot be resolved using Email / Telephonic or remote support we are there for you and your organisation to ensure maximum up-time when it is needed most.
When it comes to 3rd party software your organisation may have, we try and assist so that you only have 1 support provider to deal with, we liaise with your 3rd party provider in the technical jargon they may require when assisting you.
We only offer unlimited hours SLA, This will allow you to budget monthly on IT Support and not have to worry about labour and call out charges that may occur on adhoc.

With the unlimited hours SLA we ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and attain a maximum up-time. Your organisation will also have a higher priority than our adhoc clients, ensuring our response is kept between 4hrs.
We supply only A Grade hardware products for maximum hardware lifetime. We use brands such as Dell, HP, Mecer and Toshiba.

Products we supply are the latest on the market and not previous generation equipment. All our hardware come with a warranty specified to the specific brand.

Our SLA clients have total peace of mind knowing that we provide and support the hardware product fully, when hardware repairs are required and still under warranty we have you covered.
We provide support to your organisation that uses 3rd party software. We have partnered with software publishers to provide you with the best possible price. Our software partners namely a few are Microsoft, Adobe, ESET and Clearos. 

We also source software to your requirements to ensure you have the software for your business to run legally, effectively and efficiently.
At Blue Web Technologies we check daily that your server is running optimally for the day lying ahead.

We check daily for issues on servers, namely a few

Hard disk usage
Network security
Bandwidth usage
Windows updates
Email storage sizes
Support tickets logged
Monthly reports are sent to our clients with statistical data and bandwidth usages to ensure the future of your organsation’s data and growth are accommodated.

We also provide (DRP) Disaster Recovery Plans to clients that we provide unlimited Hours SLA.
With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, we have grown to have an array of professional services such as IT Support, Xchange, Hosting, Cloud backup PBX systems.
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