Cloud Backup
What is a
backup solution?
A backup system automates the process of backing up your important computer records and transferring them to a secure off-site location.
The backup software is installed on your server or computers and schedules are set to automatically back them up. This information is transmitted via a secure link using your internet connection to the backup vault.
What does a backup 
client for:
How secure is 
When our client backs up your data it secures it using AES-256 ‘military grade’ encryption, from then on wards your data is encrypted at all points of the backup journey – from transit to our vault and finally at ‘rest’ in our storage. The only stage that your information is decrypted is when you need a restore.
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With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, we have grown to have an array of professional services such as IT Support, Xchange, Hosting, Cloud backup PBX systems.
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